For years, major commercial clients have relied on Windemuller to meet key needs for their organizations. We’ve worked as part of major renovation and construction projects in the commercial sphere, as well as on smaller projects aimed at upgrading just one or two aspects of a company’s operations—such as security systems or electrical generators. And of course, these projects have spanned a huge range of different industries and business types, ranging from small-town credit unions, to massive convention centers, to sprawling solar and wind farm projects.

The commercial sector is a big tent, but Windemuller excels in serving commercial clients by approaching every project with the same set of strengths: a talented and superbly qualified team; a dynamic tool chest of available services; an ability to work within the constraints and deadlines the client requires; and a commitment to always delivering the highest quality results possible.

These values have led clients to trust us for many huge, impactful commercial projects. We handled extensive electrical work for DeVos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a venue that features numerous meeting rooms, a sprawling exhibit hall, a performance venue, a ballroom, an auditorium, and more. We worked with a rapidly-growing insurance company to assist them in creating a reliable and secure offsite power and data center. And we assisted an affordable housing developer in implementing state-of-the-art security and access control systems on several of their projects throughout the state of Michigan.

The size, scope, and complex needs of commercial projects often mean there are a limited number of contractors with the manpower, experience, and service offerings to take on jobs in this space. Windemuller, with our sizable presence throughout the state of Michigan, our impressively versatile project portfolio, and our service offerings that span a slew of different categories (including automation, communications, information technology, electrical work, outdoor utilities, renewable energy, and maintenance), is one of the few contractors that can take on commercial projects of any shape or size.

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