Perimeter Fence Security

Protecting your facility sometimes means more than just locking up the building itself. Securing sprawling properties or business complexes can be a challenge, even with strong video surveillance and robust access control systems in place. Windemuller’s perimeter fencing systems fit the bill, offering up-to-the-minute security monitoring for the entire fence surrounding your property.

Sophisticated Technology

Our perimeter fence security solutions come equipped with sophisticated technology that can tell the difference between false alerts and true security events. Wind, snow, rain, and other weather events can often trigger alarms with these types of systems. Our perimeter fencing systems are smart enough to distinguish between these harmless occurrences and security emergencies—such as someone climbing, cutting, or ramming your fence. Any of these events will trigger an alert, which you will receive immediately via email, SMS message, or screen popup.

Windemuller can also integrate your perimeter fence security system with other technologies and capabilities. We can integrate automatic lighting, to deter vandalism and break-ins; or incorporate PTZ cameras and video surveillance installations, to zoom in on affected sections of the fence if an emergency event is detected. These bundled systems provide function, redundancy, and affordability and help ensure maximum security for your site.

Contact us to learn more about our perimeter fencing options. Windemuller offers fence security sensors using a variety of technologies, including radar, infrared, laser, microwave, buried line, and fence-mounted options. We can also provide prepaid service and maintenance contracts.


Properties and facilities that may benefit from perimeter fence security systems include:

  • Water and wastewater facilities
  • Towers and pumping stations
  • Wind and Solar Farms
  • Airports
  • Natural gas and propane plants
  • Landfills or recycling centers
  • Scrap yards
  • Any industry with tight security standards

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