Sound Masking

No matter what industry you are in, your privacy should be a priority and your distractions should be minimal. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Many workspaces come with open floor plans for collaboration purposes, however this can be disrupting and can decrease productivity due to lack of concentration. Many businesses are finding that sound masking is a great solution to reduce workplace distractions.

Creating a Quiet Space

Sound masking is the addition of generated sound into an environment to mask unwanted sound. This technology is able to absorb, block and cover everyday noises that create disruptions. Sound masking  is suited for any public space, including corporate office buildings, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, classrooms and almost any open area where employees and customers would benefit from some level of privacy.  

At Windemuller, we provide sound masking installation, integration and 24-hour support. Our experienced team partners with Cambridge Sound Management from BIAMP to ensure our customers receive only the most advanced technical solutions.

Common Questions

How does sound masking work?
Sound masking adds ambient sound to an environment to cover up human speech, giving you privacy, comfortability and a noise-free workspace.
How is sound masking different from white noise?
Sound masking is engineered to match the frequencies of human speech to create a pleasant atmosphere, whereas white noise is a mixture of sound waves over a wide frequency range used to overpower everyday noises.
What type of businesses benefit from sound masking technology?
Sound masking is ideal for a variety of public spaces and industries including corporate, healthcare, education, hospitality and much more.
Why should I invest in sound masking technology?
Not only will sound masking benefit employees, but also the business as a whole. Sound masking drives worker satisfaction and creates a distraction-free environment. Worker privacy and concentration can result in increased employee productivity and retention.

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