From big-box department stores to smaller marketplaces, the teams at Windemuller always rise to the occasion when it comes to helping retailers stand apart from the crowd. In the age of online shopping, brick-and-mortar retailers have a bigger challenge than ever before in simply getting patrons through their door—let alone converting that foot traffic into paid transactions. Everything about how a store looks and functions is part of this equation, and Windemuller’s job is to assist retailers in upgrading or modernizing the aspects of a retail environment that too often go overlooked.

Retail buildings have more design complexity than most people realize. Proper lighting, of both the store as a whole and of shelving units, is vital to display products in the (literal) best light. Strong security systems are crucial for discouraging and preventing theft. Reliable power components are instrumental for checkout lanes, self-serve point-of-sale systems, refrigeration systems, and more. If one of these elements fails or isn’t in place, it can affect the aesthetic of the store, or even the store’s ability to serve customers at all.

At Windemuller, we have helped numerous retailers navigate these challenges so that they can greet customers in great-looking, well-lit, highly functional, energy efficient, and properly secure retail environments. We’ve worked with major department store brands to turn old, dim, and dated stores into gleaming modern beauties, illuminated by high-efficiency LED lighting and outfitted with state-of-the-art technologies. We’ve designed flexible electrical systems for multi-vendor marketplaces, to give each vendor unique control over their own lighting and power. We’ve even navigated the challenges of spaces that double as retail and food/beverage service.

Are you building a new retail environment that needs a well-planned electrical design-build, or updating an existing retail store that is in need of a modernization makeover? Windemuller can help. Contact us today to learn how.