ARC Flash Study

When Windemuller does an Arc Flash Hazard Calculation Study we are all about the details. Our trained technicians will perform detailed data collection which includes: equipment information, conductor sizes and lengths, fuse and circuit breaker information and settings, and any additional data that is needed to conduct a study specific to your facility.

Software We Use

Once all of the data is collected, we use a software package (EasyPower or SKM) to perform a short circuit study and arc flash analysis, which calculate the potential danger at each piece of equipment. We provide and apply arc flash labels to the equipment that summarize the available energy and protective clothing required to perform service while the equipment is energized.

Summarize the Findings

At the completion, a report is generated which summarizes the findings and provides recommendations to reduce hazard levels where possible. Windemuller also provides NFPA 70E safety training for facility staff to ensure OSHA compliance.

Meet the Team Lead

Curtis joined the Windemuller team right out of high school in 2002 and now leads the Electrical Service department. Curtis enjoys the collaboration with his coworkers and customers, as well as, the culture and variety of work performed on a day-to-day basis.

Curtis Moore Electrical Services Manager
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