Industrial manufacturers rely on functional electrical systems to run their equipment, keep their assembly lines going, meet their production quotas, and serve the needs of the market. Whether the final product is lumber supplies, automotive parts, or pharmaceuticals, a reliable production facility can mean the difference between a product shortage and a product surplus, or between meeting revenue projections and missing them entirely.

At Windemuller, we are well aware of the stakes that are at play in the industrial sector when it comes to avoiding downtime. We have been an on-the-ground partner for dozens of industrial clients over the years, from sawmills, to automotive parts suppliers, to pharmaceutical companies, to marijuana processors, to the massive Fortune 500 company that is Dow Chemical. Whether the job is a one-off construction, renovation, expansion, and installation project, or an ongoing partnership where we assist a manufacturer in meeting all their emergent needs for electrical, automation, and communications services, industrial businesses have learned that they can count on Windemuller.

We are well-versed in the unique challenges of industrial projects. We know, for instance, what it takes to execute a project inside a production facility while minimizing or even entirely avoiding downtime. We know how to execute the large-scale power calculations and design-builds necessary to help manufacturers massively expand their capacity. We even have experience helping manufacturers bounce back from disasters like fires, so that they can continue their operations with generators and other temporary solutions until we can put more permanent fixes into place.

In our work with industrial clients, we have helped businesses scale to keep pace with considerable growth; navigate mergers and acquisitions that created huge new capacity needs; modernize their operations to improve bandwidth, efficiency, and reliability; and create dozens or even hundreds of new jobs.

Bottom line, when it comes to power distribution, electrical panels, wiring, lighting, automation controls, security systems, emergency power, communications systems, fire alarm systems, and so much more, Windemuller is your go-to contractor for industrial projects. Contact us today to learn more.