Maintaining Success

More than a decade ago, Perrigo, a global over-the-counter consumer goods and pharmaceutical company, was seeking a partner to perform preventive and corrective maintenance at their Allegan facilities. A rock solid relationship was formed and presently Windemuller works with Perrigo on a daily basis to provide ongoing electrical, automation and communications maintenance services.

The Challenge

Was to set up the correct automation and communication services to for fill the demand the client would need not only now, but also to keep them successful for future demands.

The Solution

What keeps an international manufacturer like Perrigo coming back year after year?

  • Cost savings versus full-time staff
  • Comprehensive services, resulting in reduced rates
  • The expertise of all Windemuller employees at their disposal — including electrical, automation, communications, and outdoor utilities
  • Access to Windemuller tooling and equipment, versus having to purchase it themselves

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