Blair Township Fire & EMS

The Blair Township Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) have recently completed construction on a new facility spanning over 14,000 square feet. Located centrally within the community, this upgraded space now accommodates 13 full-time paramedic firefighters.

The need for this project arose due to the limitations of the previous facility, which was cramped and outdated within the existing Grand Traverse County building. With the move to a larger space, the fire department and EMS now have more room for their daily operations and better organization of equipment.

The Windemuller team paid close attention to detail, considering the project’s significant public scrutiny regarding safety, quality of installation, and craftsmanship. Putting the client’s interests first from the start was crucial.

By choosing a design-build approach, we managed to save costs and ensure the best value for Blair Township.

Windemuller handled the installation of a complete electrical and low-voltage system throughout the building. Additionally, the communications team designed and installed a Card Access System and security systems to manage access and improve security.

Despite challenges posed by the building’s primarily masonry construction, the project succeeded thanks to a cohesive team dedicated to mutual support and customer satisfaction.

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