From traffic control systems to water treatment plants, there are many, many types of municipal systems that residents only realize are incredibly crucial to our day-to-day lives when they stop working properly. At Windemuller, we have been extremely proud to partner with a variety of city and county governments to make sure that these systems can continue to operate safely and reliably with no breakdown or downtime, to prevent those types of disruptions from occurring in the first place.

If you think about it, it’s easy to see how much strain our municipal infrastructure systems are put under every single day. Add the fact that many of these systems are driven by equipment that has been in service for decades, and it becomes inevitable that these systems will eventually decline in performance or fail entirely.

Windemuller often serves as a contractor for municipal clients, working alongside cities and counties to update the infrastructure of yesterday for the needs of tomorrow. Over the years, we have upgraded and replaced outdated traffic signals, upgraded the equipment propelling sewer systems and water treatment plants, and built custom municipal utility panels to meet the utility power infrastructure needs of growing cities.

We were there in 2001 when Mackinaw City spearheaded the very first installation of utility-scale wind turbines in the state of Michigan. And we were there in 2020, when the City of Grand Rapids worked through the process of replacing and upgrading all its traffic signals and street lighting, to make way for safer and more efficient streets.

Our work in the municipal space is important to us because not only does it help keep these types of crucial systems running, but it also helps increase capacities and capabilities of these systems in ways that enable communities to grow. The fact is that no city can grow unchecked without eventual sewer and water treatment facility expansions, or without a new mindset for controlling traffic flow. We play key behind-the-scenes roles in preparing communities throughout Michigan for growth potential.

Windemuller has a history of big-ticket municipal projects and has drawn praise from local governments in Michigan municipalities like Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Holland, Wyandotte, Ludington, Mackinaw City, Grand Haven, and many others. Our skill in the municipal work we do—and in being able to complete these projects without shutting down the essential systems they are servicing—is well-documented. Contact us today to learn how Windemuller can be a key partner in your municipality’s next major project.