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Hastings WWTP Automation Upgrades

Windemuller’s automation department worked side-by-side with our electrical service, communications and IT departments to provide exceptional upgrades to the City of Hastings expanding wastewater treatment plant. The project included a new headworks building, a remodeled lab, numerous plant improvements and the integration of the cloud-based VTScada system.


The City of Hastings Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is responsible for treating all residential and commercial sanitary sewage generated in the city limits. Their process includes two types of treatment, primary and secondary, which focus on removing the solids and pollutants from the water, to ensure the water can safely reenter the environment. The WWTP was in need of some much-needed physical improvements and an updated system to support the fully-operating plant. Windemuller was excited to get this project started and integrate our first cloud based VTScada system.

The Challenge

The first challenge our team encountered was that the project did not kick off with fully defined deliverables. This was intentional on the city’s part, as they wanted to ensure they were selecting the best process and partner for the plant. Thus, throughout the project, various tasks were added to the scope of work, which ultimately pushed out the date of completion.

Because the project involved multiple departments: automation, electrical, communications and IT, scheduling was a challenge. Depending on the order of completion for different tasks, groups had to communicate regularly and worked together and around each other to ensure their work could be completed on time.

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The Solution

Windemuller’s extensive experience and expertise working with municipalities, specifically WWTPs, set our team up for success. In addition to our knowledge, our team has worked with the City of Hastings in the past, so we had already developed strong personal relationships and an understanding of their needs and processes.

The communication between the four Windemuller departments was extremely efficient. Our team works well together and when conversations regarding this project needed to be had, our team always communicated effectively and with the customer’s best interests in mind.

Additionally, our VTScada partner was supportive and helpful throughout the process, which meant our team was able to complete this project in a timely manner, without feeling overwhelmed or rushed.

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