Agri-Business & Food Manufacturing

At Windemuller, one of our greatest honors as a business is working with the growers, processors, and producers that put food on America’s tables day in and day out. Our knowledge and skill for working with straightforward installations and with state-of-the-art equipment alike has made us a trusted collaborator for agribusinesses and food manufacturers, ranging from farmers to fruit processors to meat markets and beyond.

Our work in this niche has taken on many forms. We’ve assisted food manufacturers in ramping up their production and processing capacities, so that they can grow in a scalable fashion and reach the next level of their potential. We have helped evolving agribusinesses usher in more environmentally sustainable operations, at a moment in history when “going green” has become an asset for all businesses, but especially for those in the agricultural sphere.

We’ve helped long-running companies update their equipment or control systems to get them ready for a new era of food production. We’ve implemented safe and effective wastewater treatment systems, to help food manufacturers keep their operations more eco-friendly and more sanitary, for the good of all. Finally, we’ve handled full electrical, automation, security, and design-build services for agribusinesses that needed brand-new, from-the-ground-up facility builds.

Along the way, we’ve helped our clients put everything from dried cherries to canned vegetables to flavor extracts into the market.

Farms, food processors, cooperatives of local growers, manufacturers with a culinary basis, and other agribusinesses can all count on Windemuller when key facility design, construction, or improvement projects are on the docket. Contact us today to learn how we can help you solve the pain points of your agribusiness or food manufacturing facility.