Skymint Brands Expansion

As Skymint Brands continues to grow, the cannabis giant made plans for their biggest expansion yet, renovating a former sports complex located near Lansing into a new production facility. Windemuller was excited to start another project with Skymint as they take their business to the next level.


Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Skymint Brands is a premium cannabis company managing seven different brands. Their passion for local agriculture has led them to offer a wide portfolio of Michigan-grown plants. The company’s rapid growth has made them the largest operating distributor for marijuana in Michigan. As their demand has quickly increased, the company was ready to expand.

Skymint purchased a former sports complex in Dimondale, Michigan with plans to transform it into a new production plant. At 146,000 sq. ft., the scale was dramatic, and Windemuller was given the opportunity to perform various communications services on this large new build. We installed all the facilities network cabling and Wi-Fi, fiber optics, and completed a build-out of their data center. The project required the installation of the IDF (intermediate distribution frame), rack, and ladder tray.

Skymint Interior, second floor

The Challenge

About halfway through this project, Windemuller hit some turmoil when our main contact at Skymint unexpectedly departed the company. Thankfully, we quickly built a strong relationship with the newly hired IT manager. Our team worked closely with the employee to ensure we communicated effectively and supported him as he transitioned into his new role.

The Windemuller crew on this job were all based out of Grand Rapids. Due to the location of the jobsite, our team drove nearly 136 miles, or about two hours roundtrip each day. After a while, the long days were tough on our team, however they persevered without complaint. The ongoing supply chain issues also caused challenges. Some materials we needed for the job took months to arrive and the long wait time put a halt to our work, causing unavoidable delays in the project’s timeline.

The Solution

As a result of Windemuller’s adaptability, we adjusted quickly when Skymint’s new IT Manager joined their team. To overcome the learning curve, we effectively communicated with Skymint every step of the way. We’re thankful for the company’s support and flexibility. Windemuller has completed the network infrastructure for all Skymint locations across the state. Our previous experience working with them made the shift to this large-scale project a smooth transition. Our strong relationship and robust understanding of our customers values was key to the success of this project. Our team looks forward to partnering with Skymint again on future projects.

Despite the supply chain issues that have affected everyone in one way or another, we managed to see the project through. Since the required materials took longer than expected to arrive, our team worked on a tight schedule once they arrived. Until then, we worked with what we had and did our best to remain productive and accept what was out of our control. Though this job had its share of ups and downs, Windemuller successfully completed the job and the Skymint team has moved forward with production operations in their new space.

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