In the United States, the hospitality and tourism industry is responsible for more than a trillion dollars of economic output annually, as well as for millions upon millions of jobs. At Windemuller, we take pride in working with a variety of hospitality businesses—from hotels and resorts, to breweries and wineries, to country clubs and event venues—to create spaces that drive a huge amount of economic value.

More than most industries, businesses in the hospitality sphere depend on having beautiful, state-of-the-art premises in which they can serve their customers by providing unforgettable experiences. As a result, businesses serving the hospitality niche need to invest in frequent renovations, expansions, upgrades, or technology improvements to make sure they are keeping pace with what customers expect in today’s marketplace.

Windemuller is a valued partner for these types of projects. For resort hotels and major wineries, we have handled extensive design-build solutions aimed at addressing every aspect of a building’s electrical system—including power distribution, lighting, wired and wireless networks, card access systems, video security systems, and even indoor water park controls. For one of Michigan’s major breweries, we even handled the electrical work for a state-of-the-art bottling and packaging line, as well as a sophisticated wastewater treatment system. And for a major country club, we played a key role in the construction of a brand-new wedding and private event venue, bringing the space to life with full wiring and outdoor lighting solutions.

Our key asset as a collaborator in hospitality projects is our versatility. “Hospitality” can mean a lot of different things, including lodging, food and drink service, events, theme parks, travel and tourism, and more. The needs of these businesses—in terms of design, electrical service, security, and a million other things—are even more diverse. Windemuller’s dynamic project background is proof that we can handle the wide range of requests that our hospitality clients bring to the table. Learn more by contacting us today.