THE FLATS at Front + Union

In the heart of Traverse City, on the corner of Front and Union Streets, the historic Masonic Building has undergone a remarkable transformation and houses a distinctive short-term rental project known as The Flats. Originally built by the Freemasons in 1890, this iconic structure has been revitalized to preserve its rich heritage while offering modern amenities.


The project demanded meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. While the first floor remained dedicated to commercial use, the second and third floors underwent extensive renovations to accommodate the six boutique rental units. These spaces seamlessly blend historic charm with contemporary comfort.

Front + Union faced an array of challenges typical of ambitious construction endeavors. Tight deadlines necessitated strategic planning and seamless coordination among various contractors. Compounded by limited material storage and lead-time pressures, the team executed with precision to ensure the integrity of the finished work.

Collaboration with the owners was integral to the success of this design-build project. Working closely with them, the team balanced aesthetic priorities with practical cost considerations, ensuring the desired look and feel was achieved without compromise. Careful attention was paid to lighting selections, preserving the building’s European details and accentuating its original brick walls and reclaimed wood features.

The revitalization of the Masonic Building stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, precision, and respect for historical significance in modern construction projects. The Flats not only offers a unique accommodation experience but also contributes to the vibrant character of Downtown Traverse City.

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