Whether it’s weathering a flu season, navigating a global pandemic, or simply managing the long-tail trends of an aging population, our communities rely on their healthcare systems for vital services, guidance, and care. A reliable healthcare system is crucial for any resilient community, and that reliability starts with our healthcare facilities and the people who staff them. At Windemuller, we work regularly with healthcare organizations to make sure that hospitals, community health centers, cancer centers, and entire healthcare systems have the facilities they need to serve the healthcare needs of their communities, no matter what.

Many hospital buildings are old or aging. Windemuller works with healthcare organizations to help execute key upgrades to these facilities—whether that means updating old wiring and conduit, upgrading the entire electrical grid for a sprawling medical campus, or assisting in major facility expansions or additions. By bringing these facilities into the 21st century, we are proudly playing a part in protecting the health and wellbeing of the communities in which we work.

Our efforts in the healthcare industry go beyond just wiring and electrical work, too. In helping healthcare systems upgrade or expand their facilities, we’ve installed temperature control systems, IT cabling, nurse call stations, backup generators, outdoor lighting, and more—all to help make hospitals and other care centers more agile and reliable in their ability to provide key health services to their patients.

Windemuller has a proven reputation for working flexibly and sensitively based on the needs of our clients. Those attributes are doubly important when it comes to healthcare projects, given that many of these jobs have to be done while healthcare facilities continue to operate and serve patients. In these situations, we can work within the stringent health and safety requirements of our clients—and on irregular night or weekend schedules—to get the job done without impeding operations or putting anyone at risk.

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with major Michigan healthcare systems like Spectrum Health, Metro Health, Ascension Borgess, and Munson Healthcare on a variety of substantial projects. To learn how our team can be an asset to your organization’s next healthcare facility renovation, upgrade, expansion, or new build, contact us today.