Hillsdale Community Health Center

Since 1915, the Hillsdale Community Health Center has been housed in the same building. New wings have been added along the way, and the hospital’s medical equipment has seen overhauls with every shift of technology. Windemuller’s work on the newest addition, along with their comprehensive revamp of the entire electrical web, is just the latest step in keeping the hospital in state-of-the-art shape.

The Challenge

Completing electrical infrastructure design and wiring for a 40,000 square-foot hospital addition is hardly a simple quest, even in the most flexible of conditions. So when Windemuller was tasked with doing just that, all while the Hillsdale Community Health Center’s active hospital operations continued normally, the project gained a new angle of complexity. In addition, the client required a full-scale electrical grid upgrade for the entire medical campus, meaning the work wasn’t merely confined to a brand- new, unused hospital wing, but spread across some of the most frequently used areas in the building.

The Solution

With the help and cooperation of the client, Windemuller put together a highly coordinated schedule of night shift and off-hour shutdowns. Fast tracking the work to get the new hospital wing wired and ready for its grand opening, Windemuller worked rapidly to install a range of building necessities, including:

  • Full wiring for the building’s electrical and fire alarm
  • Plentiful nurse call stations and med gas system
  • Phone, internet, and television connectivity
  • Security wiring
  • Temperature control rough-ins

Considering the beauty of the building and all of the good work encompassed within it, Windemuller is pleased to be part of the near century-long legacy.

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