An Electrifying New Facility

Daifuku North American / Jervis B Webb combined their three manufacturing facilities into a single large facility in Boyne City, Michigan. The 225,000-square-foot facility has several equipment lines and two main services as well as a customer-owned Medium Voltage primary system.

  • Designed and provided value engineering for feeder layout and material types to reduce costs and improve product lead times
  • Provided design and layout options for EV charging stations to meet increasing EV charging needs onsite


In 2021, Daifuku North America embarked on an ambitious project to develop a new manufacturing hub for its airport baggage handling products and automatic guided vehicles. The world-class, 225,000-square-foot facility combined the operations of three separate manufacturing plants into one massive location in Boyne City, Michigan, and was completed in October 2022.

Windemuller partnered with Daifuku on the electrical work. We designed and provided value engineering services for the feeder layout and materials, ensuring efficient cost expenditures and product lead times. With the growing demand for electrical vehicles (EVs), our innovative team also developed a plan and installed EV charging stations throughout the facility.

Despite decades of experience with large-scale projects, Daifuku’s plant was a huge undertaking by any standard. When equipment delays challenged our timeline, the Windemuller team designed and installed hand-built equipment, ensuring the aggressive schedule could be met. Our team also utilized prefabrication technology for multiple areas of the project, which reduced manpower needs and alleviated scheduling challenges.

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