Charging Up Amazon

The Amazon DDT6 fulfillment center in Pontiac has embarked on an ambitious journey to electrify its fleet, a project that demanded precision and innovation. Windemuller’s primary objective was to equip their East Parking Lot with 182 Level 2 EV chargers and 2 DC Fast Chargers, all while preserving the integrity of the soil beneath the lot. This task necessitated the creation of an above-ground cable tray system to house the feeders and branch circuits, ensuring minimal disruption to the parking lot’s foundation. Additionally, sturdy helical piles were meticulously drilled into the asphalt to support the tray system and charger infrastructure.

During the project’s evolution, several design modifications were introduced, including a change in the brand of EV chargers and adjustments to the mounting pedestals. Windemuller played a crucial role by proposing innovative mounting solutions and overseeing the production of custom stainless steel support hardware to guarantee the stability of the new charging stations.

The project encountered an unexpected delay in the manufacturing of the Medium Voltage 2500kva Transformer. As a result, in the final two weeks of the project, a decision was made to switch to a different transformer, necessitating alterations to the conduits and transformer pad. Careful planning ensured that all required adjustments were executed efficiently, and the commissioning date remained on schedule.

To uphold the project’s commitment to minimize disturbance to the parking lot’s soil, a significant portion of the feeders and branch wiring were elevated on the cable tray above the asphalt surface. This innovative approach led to the creation of custom-designed helical piles, a collaborative effort between the Windemuller team and Chance Utility. Challenges emerged during pile installation, particularly related to hidden debris beneath the parking lot. In response, we conducted meetings with Moltus Building Group and Chance Utility, ultimately devising and implementing effective solutions. Despite these unforeseen hurdles, we not only overcame the delays but also completed the pile installation ahead of the initially projected schedule.

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