Detection Solutions

FlySense, our real-time vaping and elevated sound incident detection solution, gives you control of areas where you cannot place a camera, such as school bathrooms and locker rooms.

The solution is comprised of an array of multi-sensor devices connected to a cloud-based platform. These devices are capable of detecting vaping, smoke, and noise disturbances that may suggest violence
such as bullying.


  • Easy installation and set-up
  • Real-time vape, smoke, and elevated sound detection for areas including bathrooms, locker rooms, and labs
  • Successfully identify, analyze, manage incidents on school grounds with customizable, real-time SMS and email alert notifications
  • Increased situational awareness and deterrence of harmful and dangerous behavior.
  • Risk mitigation, reduction in the staffing burden for designated coverage areas, and increased efficiency through coordination of resources
  • Support state laws and compliances
  • Zero invasion of student privacy


Incident Detection

Smart sensor array detects vaping signatures and decibel level anomalies associated with bullying or fighting in real time, 24/7

Alert Notifications

Zero-delay, location-specific alert notifications on vape and sound incidents sent by SMS or email to designated school officials.

Solution Management

Easy to use administrator web portal for schools teams to manage devices, customize subscriber schedules and view alerts.

Performance Optimization

30-day, categorized alert history allows devices to learn environments, reduce false positives, and optimize performance.

Insights & Analytics

Real-time sensor data and analytical reports help to determine which locations and time of day experience the most activity.

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