Water Tower Electrical & Controls

Windemuller has worked on more than 250 water tower projects throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. We install both electrical and SCADA systems for water control monitoring, as well as, camera and card access security systems. Throughout our projects, we have developed solid relationships with major tank builders in these states, and work closely with project managers to ensure the project is completed on time and in accordance with all regulatory specifications

Trained Crew

With our own highly trained crew and equipment – including trencher, backhoe, and mini-excavator – underground conduits for the owner/utility often fall under our scope. Windemuller also works with painting and maintenance contractors to complete routine repairs and upgrades on existing lighting, grounding and SCADA systems.

On Site Safety

The jobsite on a water tower is 150 feet straight up, so safety is our highest priority. Having and knowing how to use proper equipment is paramount, and at Windemuller, we pride ourselves on having no lost-time accidents on any water tower projects.

What type of electrical work do you perform on water towers?
Windemuller installs power panels, lighting, receptacles, heat trace cables, grounding, lightning protection and backup generators.
Why is proper grounding and lightning protection importatnt?
Safety can be a real concern when considering the size and height of a water tower during a lightning storm. Appropriate grounding and lightning protection can protect water towers from damage to their electrical and SCADA systems.
Do you work on old or new water towers?
Both, we perform work on both old and new water towers.

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