Kent County Road Commission

The Kent County Road Commission recently completed its transition to a new 29-acre complex in Walker, marking a significant departure from its previous century-long residence in downtown Grand Rapids. This $48M Central Complex represents a substantial investment in the future, meticulously designed to meet the Commission’s evolving needs while emphasizing employee safety and energy efficiency.


Windemuller spearheaded the implementation of a comprehensive electrical distribution system for both the Maintenance and Administration buildings, playing a pivotal role in this forward-thinking facility’s realization. Ensuring seamless electrical support for equipment and machinery within the 150,000 sq ft building, including welders, hoists, maintenance bays, and cold/warm storage, was paramount. Additionally, our team expertly managed the rough-ins for fire and security systems and accurately piped and wired the mechanical system, including the HVAC. Notably, the integration of cutting-edge NAIR lights with Bluetooth capabilities further demonstrated the facility’s technological prominence.

Extending beyond the buildings, our OU team undertook trenching to address all electrical requirements for the entire 29-acre complex. This encompassed provisions for site lighting, entrance and exit gates, and irrigation systems. To ensure an uninterrupted power supply, we implemented an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for the generator, guaranteeing continuous availability of power.

The Central Complex now stands as a beacon of innovation and adaptability, primed to effectively serve the evolving needs of Kent County’s construction professionals.

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