Windemuller has decades of experience within many aspects of your electrical needs, from design and layout to installation and maintenance. We serve thousands of customers of all sizes within industrial, government, municipal, and commercial entities. Windemuller is poised to serve projects of all sizes, new construction or remodeling.

More than 200 individuals strong, our size allows us to focus on multiple projects at the same time, keep up with fast-paced projects, and handle large-scale projects. Whether it is electrical, cabling, network services or a combination, Windemuller will handle it all.

The Windemuller team incorporates the latest in technology in all aspects of our electrical work. Our staff is trained to perform infrared inspections, which can help identify bad connections, excessive loads, plugged steam lines, overloads, poor contacts and weak fuses. This thermal imaging service allows you to go about your day-to-day business without interruption as we perform the scan. Technology at its best!