Firing Up the Meat Market

Maxbauer’s, a popular northern Michigan specialty butcher shop, was growing and ready to expand to a second location. The owners brought a simple napkin sketch to Windemuller in hopes that we could help achieve their goal of opening The Butcher Block, a small production and retail meat market for families with refined taste. With some time and a lot of hard work, our team was able to provide all of the electrical work, with 70% of the project being conduit installation.

One of a Kind

Established in 1913, Maxbauer’s has been providing high-quality products to the Traverse City region for more than 100 years. Their main focus is meat, however they also sell a variety of other foods, wine, beer, and fresh produce. Located downtown, Maxbauer’s receives heavy pedestrian traffic, however parking can be difficult and may discourage customers from stopping in. The owners, Mark and Stephanie Wilson, wanted to create a space that was easily accessible, spacious, and had an improved layout and flow. Maxbauer’s came to Windemuller with a vision to serve even more customers and make their internal business process easier. Windemuller ran with their idea and developed a plan to meet Maxbauer’s needs and exceed their expectations.

The Challenge

Towards the beginning of the project, the Windemuller team knew that they would be faced with multiple challenges. Maxbauer’s came to us with a napkin sketch, a broad vision and very few details. Our team developed a full design-build from scratch. After taking the time to come up with a plan, Windemuller refined the sketch as needed throughout the entire project to ensure the customer was happy with the finished product.

In addition to the design changes, the project account manager was new to Windemuller, and as the lead on the project, he did not want to disappoint any of the parties involved. With just starting a new job and still learning the ropes, this could be a high-stress situation for almost anyone.

The Solution

Although our team developed the project from scratch, the customer’s vision left room for Windemuller to run with their ideas. Throughout the process, Maxbauer’s was very engaged and committed to making this project a success. Our teams worked closely to ensure both sides were transparent about the process and any changes that were made.

The account manager’s first large-scale project with Windemuller was a success. The support from the Windemuller field crew, as well as the office staff ensured the project ran smoothly and was completed on time. From start-to-finish, the customers were a pleasure to work with.

Since the completion of the project, The Butcher Block had a successful grand opening and our team is looking forward to partnering with Maxbauer’s in the future.

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