Brightening up the Club

For years, Railside Country Club has hosted weddings on its property in a permanent outdoor tent. While the venue provided scenic golf course views and other perks, it was limited. For one thing, it only afforded Railside the ability to host weddings and other private events seasonally. When the country club wanted to create more of a year-round luxury event venue, it teamed up with DeHaan Builders to cook up the concept for a state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor pavilion. DeHaan, serving as general contractor for the project, tapped Windemuller to install all wiring and outdoor lighting for the new facility.

The Challenge

The biggest hurdle for this project was a tight timeline. Railside Country Club wanted the new event space—called The Union Pavilion—to be up and running in time for the 2019 summer wedding season. When the country club booked its first wedding reception of the season for Saturday, May 11, that meant the project had a hard deadline: we had to finish work on or before May 10.

Not helping matters was the rainy spring, which forced our crews to make on-the-fly scheduling changes for outdoor installation work. Fortunately, the majority of the tasks for this project were indoors. However, the lighting delays—and the muddy, messy conditions we needed to pass through to get to the worksite—did complicate matters slightly.

The Solution

To meet the deadline for this project, it was all hands on deck. We called in additional personnel as the project moved forward to keep things moving.

Fortunately, lots of good teamwork with DeHaan Builders—not to mention a fair number of overtime hours—meant we were able to get this project done under the wire. Work finished on May 10 and the final inspection took place later that same day. On May 11, Railside successfully hosted a wedding reception at The Union Pavilion for the first time ever.

It certainly won’t be the last! The Union Pavilion is a gorgeous 5,000-square-foot venue characterized by exposed wood beams, chandelier lighting, and a striking stone fireplace. There are also 14 floor-to-ceiling glass doors, which provide stunning views and give the venue its indoor/outdoor capability. The doors open up onto a 1,500-square-foot patio, which adds significant space and charm to the venue. Windemuller’s touches—the outdoor lighting; the electrical work; communication wiring for all data, phone, and AV system applications—are crucial to the look, feel, sound, and function of the space. We are proud to have played a key role in what will surely be the site of many unforgettable occasions.

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