Access Control Systems

A properly designed Access Control System dictates "who" is allowed access to "where" in order to effectively manage employee and visitor traffic through secured areas. In the case of a small business, it may be as simple as presenting a card to unlock the front door. In the case of a government building, bank, school system or university campus, the concept remains the same, but the card may be replaced by, or used in conjunction with, a biometric fingerprint scan that allows access, or activates Video Surveillance cameras that record and timestamp the activity.

Regardless of the complexity of your needs, Windemuller has your solution. We’ve designed and installed Card Access Systems across the region and we provide Remote Administration services for our installations to increase the effectiveness of their systems, as well as to free staff from repetitive data entry tasks.

Program cards, access levels and schedules myself can be programmed from a standalone workstation, networked computer, or remote access to a network. All system functions and reports are available.

Our technicians and engineers are manufacturer certified, and provide system design, installation, end user training and 24/7-365 support. With our depth of experience, technical resources, valuable partners, a wide coverage area, and an ability to leverage other company divisions, Windemuller is perfect for you.

All Access Control Systems can integrate with our Video Security Systems for a complete solution.


  • Restrict unauthorized access
  • Increased security
  • Keep track of who enters the building
  • Eliminate key problems
  • Manage remotely

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