Modern Bird Restaurant

Modern Bird Electrical Upgrades

• Issued a new complete electrical system by installing rated equipment, LED lighting, and updated systems
• Brought power to the restaurant’s kitchen, baking area, and equipment
• Provided security and data services


Modern Bird is a new fine-dining, casual restaurant in Traverse City that opened its doors in summer of 2022. After a decade of working in various Chicago restaurants and years of selling baked goods at the farmers market, the owners of Modern Bird were ready to run a place of their own. In 2021, they signed the lease and started renovating a historical building downtown. Windemuller was tasked with providing full electrical services to help get the restaurant up and running. We completed a demolition of the old electrical system to make way for the modern setup. Our team issued a new electrical system by installing rated equipment, new LED lighting, and updated devices. We also brought power to the kitchen, baking area, and restaurant equipment. To finish up the job, we provided the building with security and data services.

A unique aspect of the project was the age of this historic building, originally built in the 1890s. Despite the building’s beauty and charm, there were instances during which it presented some challenges. Since all the brick and mortar was original, it was very fragile and our team had to be extra careful while on-site. We ended up successfully completing our work on the restaurant while preserving the building’s original history and integrity. Windemuller is privileged to partner with Modern Bird and help the owners’ dreams take flight.

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