World-Class Produce, World-Class Facility

North Bay Produce, Inc., an international market leader in fresh produce and distribution, has experienced exponential growth since it was founded more than 30 years ago. When the time came to build a new world-class facility for its global headquarters in Traverse City, North Bay sought a partner with expertise in large scale design-build projects. Due to our vast experience and wide breadth of services, Windemuller readily took on the challenge.

The goal for the new building was to provide employees with great work spaces that were properly and efficiently lit, with modern functions for both lighting and IT, including full access-control to provide a safe and secure workplace.

The Challenge

The capable technical design team at Windemuller created a vision that engineers soon brought to life. Quality and efficiency are evident in details like 6-inch raised flooring, which houses electrical and multi-media cabling systems and accommodates any future growth or changes to the infrastructure. Installation of fiber optic cable serves as the backbone, connecting North Bay’s existing worldwide operations to their new Traverse City HQ facility. An Open Options IT-centric access control system ensures security and efficiency.

The Solution

Access & Security
Windemuller’s technical design team first addressed security, restricting unauthorized access, keeping track of who enters the building, and eliminating keys. These issues were solved with Windemuller’s design and installation of Open Options IT-centric access control system, which manages employee and visitor traffic through secured areas. A card and/or a biometric fingerprint scan allows access, or activates video surveillance cameras that record and time stamp the activity.

North Bay sought to connect their existing structure with the new HQ facility. Windemuller provided fiber optic cable, which served as backbone connecting company severs all over the world, including their twenty-nine stockholders located in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and the United States.

Given the great distance between locations, a
secure system was needed to increase communication, productivity, customer service, speed time to the market, and create a reduction in travel costs. Windemuller addressed this concern by supplying
and installing a PolyCom Video Conference System with LED flat screens in conference areas and workout rooms. The system allows video-enabled devices to see and share content; the collaborative benefits are seen across the entire organization.

Flexibility & Reliability
Predictable performance, flexibility to accommodate moves, adds and changes were important to the success of North Bay Produce. Windemuller met these needs with the installation of structured Cat6 cabling throughout the new office. This also created efficiency by eliminating long cords from equipment racks and creating quicker MAC performance time.

Windemuller is proud to help develop North Bay’s beautiful new facility, which reflects the company’s world-class operations.

Project Partners

“What a great team they have assembled!  From project management, design services, consultation, installation, training, and after construction services, future customers need to know they are in good hands!

Windemueller, as an electrical contractor, has very deep resources for a wide variety of electrical, data, media needs. We found Windemueller to be very flexible. They were able to adjust quickly to changes in the project scope. Always ready to provide a quick solution.”

John Wall, North Bay Produce
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