Wastewater Meets State-of-the-Art

The Southeast Berrien County Landfill Authority was ready to replace its wastewater facility for treating landfill leachate. Specifically, the Landfill Authority was looking for an exceptional, state-of-the-art system—one that would go beyond the features and capabilities of most wastewater treatment facilities.

Windemuller was entrusted with two sides of the project: the electrical portion, which involved wiring the building, installing power circuits, and hooking up pumps; and the automation side, which involved designing and building control panels, specifying the instruments to be used in the facility, planning the instrument layout, and integrating everything into a cohesive, interconnected system.

The Challenge

The main challenge of this job was the custom nature of it all. Windemuller has worked on many wastewater treatment facilities over the years, but landfill leachate is a bit different than standard wastewater, and the Southeast Berrien County Landfill Authority had requirements that were unusual for a project of ths ilk. For instance, the Landfill Authority wanted remote capabilities for the plant that would give them a high level of control over operations from afar. These features are above what is standard for most wastewater treatment plants.

The other challenge was the end-of-project changeover. We were building a wastewater treatment plant to replace an old facility, which meant there was an existing flow that we had to swap over to the new system. Completing the changeover was complex and required a substantial amount of planning, organization, and coordination with all involved parties.

The Solution

Windemuller came through for the client on this project, delivering a custom solution that met all the specs and feature requirements laid out in the contract. The remote capabilities we implemented for the new facility will allow the Southeast Berrien County Landfill Authority to accomplish a great deal without being physically present at the plant. Specifically, the system allows Landfill Authority employees to check the status of the facility’s tanks, to adjust set points, to schedule sampling runs, and more, all remotely.

As for the changeover, our workers were champs and collaborated closely with the client and the other contractors on the project—especially FHC Mechanical—to ensure a smooth switch.

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