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Over the past few years, Dow Chemical has been working to revamp and modernize much of its Midland, Michigan campus. For this particular project, Dow was seeking to execute a three-story remodel of an existing shell space. The building, previously referred to as the Dow Employee Development Center (or EDC), was set to be revamped and renamed as the Sylvia Stoesser Center, or SSC. For reference, Sylvia Stoesser is an impressive figure in Dow’s history. She was the company’s first female research scientist and earned a whopping 29 patents during her time at Dow. In transforming three floors of the SSC from mostly empty areas into state-of-the-art office spaces, Dow wanted to create something that was worthy of Sylvia’s considerable legacy.

Windemuller was entrusted with providing new electrical systems for all three floors, including new electrical switchgear for the office spaces and all new lighting and wireless lighting control systems for the space as a whole. The project also included other high-tech touches, including a full-scale modern video wall and a new marketing studio.

The Challenge

When Windemuller came onboard for this project, the initial design was missing several crucial system components that the client wanted. Our team was tasked with going back to the drawing board to fit these extra elements into the equation in time for installation and implementation. At the same time, the project had an aggressive timetable that, when combined with the constant design changes, made for a fast-paced and demanding job environment.

The Solution

The design shifts and fast pace of the project required very strong teamwork between Windemuller and all the other trades. In addition, our team worked closely with the client to help identify new system needs that were not included in the original design so that they could be figured in during the construction and installation phases. Our solutions included the design of a brand-new communications cable pathway system, along with more than 50 other change orders.

Ultimately, it was the patience, hustle, and design ingenuity of the Windemuller crew—along with the rest of the involved trades teams—that allowed Dow’s new Sylvia Stoesser Center to morph into something worthy of its namesake. Windemuller used preplanning, prefabrication, and engineering assistance to give the client the changes they wanted and to implement them in a timely fashion. Now, with the project completed, the SSC is another important piece in Dow’s vibrant and modern Midland campus.

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