Complete Control for Big Lumber

Biewer Lumber, headquartered in St. Clair, Michigan, operates a total of five sawmills in the U.S., including two in Michigan. The Windemuller construction team performed cable tray and control work at the McBain planer facility, while the automation department executed heavy PLC work and performed switchgear installation in wall-to-wall motor control center (MCC) rooms. These rooms housed hundreds of motor control buckets. In addition, our construction team performed armor cabling, control termination and lighting fixture installation. Considering the size of the facility was 80,000 sq. ft, the work performed was an immense task that required a great deal of manpower, equipment and materials.

The Challenge

Due to the size and scope of work performed, diligent communication and manpower scheduling were key to the success of this project. In addition to investing 20,000 manhours into the project, we worked closely with partner contractors to coordinate work schedules. With COVID restrictions and material delays at play, our team diligently focused on the planning process. On average, 25 employees were on-site each day to ensure the project was completed in time for Biewer’s deadline. Fortunately, the team received all required materials on time – and with rigor and attention to detail, Windemuller successfully completed this large-scale project on time.

The Solution

  • Performed cable tray and control work on the largest planer building in North America
  • Automation group completed four wall-to-wall MCC rooms
  • Completed heavy PLC work on the entire system: planing, packaging and labeling

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