Grocery Retailer Basks in New Energy Source

Windemuller was invited to partner on a solar array project for Country View Bulk Foods, a well-known grocery store located in Southeast Michigan. The retailer was ready to take their energy use to the next level by installing a 150 kW array at their location.

Country View’s strong sense of community and wide selection has sparked growth for the retailer, which led to an interest in maximizing their stores’ solar energy input. Ecojiva, a strong Windemuller partner, reached out to have our team provide the installation for this roof mount solar array. Although this project would take place in late fall / early winter, with potentially low temperatures and challenging weather conditions, our team jumped at this opportunity.


Early snowfall and below freezing temperatures set the project back, causing weather delays. Although working on the metal roof and digging became difficult with low temperatures, our team found ways to overcome the weather, like installing a standing seam roof harness tie-off safety system.

Our hardworking, dedicated crew powered through and enthusiastically enjoyed the work they were performing. The property owners and staff were exceptionally great to work with because of how kind, polite and helpful they were to our team. The individuals involved on this job created a successful outcome – and the solar power was ready to use in time for the customer’s peak demand season.

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