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Tasked with performing all lighting installation and wiring, as well as with the installation of a new generator, transfer switches, transformer, and all necessary conduits for Hagerty’s brand new office building, Windemuller already had our work cut out for us. When it was announced that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder would be making a visit to Traverse City specifically to tour the new building, the deadline for the project was moved up a full six weeks ahead of the original date provided.

The Challenge

This effectively cut the timeline in half for a project that had already been plagued by weather delays and equipment acquisition difficulties. In order for the Governor to tour the building, all emergency systems would have to be in place and operational. This meant full installation of fire alarm and back-up lighting systems, including a generator that not yet been released due to recent design changes. All of this added up to eight to ten weeks of work…and three weeks in which to finish it.


The Solution

Windemuller rose to the challenge, staffing the job with 12 to 14 men for two weeks. We worked closely with Cummins Bridgeway to expedite delivery of the generator, going through, in four weeks, an acquisition process that can often take as long as six months. The generator, automatic transfer switches, and all wiring was completed two days after the generator hit the site. Through the dedication of our employees, Windemuller was successful in meeting our requirements for temporary occupancy. We overcame many difficult hurdles and completed this portion of the project on schedule for our customer and for Governor Snyder’s highly anticipated visit.

Windemuller installed seven 480 volt, 3-phase distribution panels, two of which are backed up by the 400 kW generator. The project contains one 800 amp, 120/208 volt, 3-phase distribution panel which feeds eleven other distribution panels ranging from 225 amp to 100 amp. Three Asco automatic transfer switches are tied into the system via the generator. Due to the nature of our client’s work and their dependence on an un-interruptable data network, a reliable and correctly installed generator was of paramount importance to the project.

The scope of work also included integration of Hagerty’s emergency distribution system with several of their other local buildings. This involved re-feeding the existing transfer switches from the new office building to encompass other operations.

Thanks to Windemuller’s tireless work and flexibility, Hagerty Insurance was able to open the doors to their new office building and welcome our Governor to the property with open arms. For some companies, that accomplishment might be considered a miracle. But for Windemuller, it’s all in a day’s work.

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