Solar: Commercial and Utility Scale PV

The efficiency of solar panels and solar inverters has increased greatly in the past few years, a technological leap that, combined with government tax incentives and new renewable energy requirements in the industrial field, has led to major growth in solar energy.

Windemuller has been in the clean energy business for nearly two decades and are more than ready to meet your solar power needs and decrease your carbon footprint. We have worked with a variety of different PV (photovoltaic) systems, from Commercial Scale systems to 2MW Utility Scale set-ups, and have expert experience on-hand to help in the design and construction of both types.

We will work with you to determine the best location for your PV solar array, providing annual generation expectations, system pricing, engineering drawings, and permitting along the way. We will also work with the local utility company to determine interconnection requirements, handling all the paperwork in the process so that you don't have to.

Our Equipment

  • AutoCAD programs to model our designs
  • 3D layouts and/or BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Proprietary software to model the solar array and determine annual generation numbers

Common Questions

How large of a solar array can I have built on my site?

Upon hire, Windemuller will perform a site assessment to determine the best location and size of your solar array. We will determine whether a roof or ground mount system is the best fit for your needs and space requirements.

How much energy will my system produce?

Windemuller will model your system using our software and give you an estimate of annual energy production. We will also create a spreadsheet to show payback from the system, including tax incentives, depreciation, finance costs, and maintenance costs.



Commercial & Utility Scale PV Solar Projects

  • South Christian High School: 660 kW Solar Array
  • Good Fruit Storage: 300kW Solar Array
  • American Waste & Recycling: 30kW Ground Mount PV System
  • Country View Bulk Foods: 150 kW Solar Array
  • East Jordan Schools: 30kW
  • Garden Wind Project: 5MW Ground Mount PV System Option


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