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With growth comes responsibility. This rapidly expanding insurance company was now serving more than 100,000 customers and insuring billions in assets. The time had come to have a secure, offsite location for backup power and data.

The Challenge

What vendor could handle the complexity and scope of such a large yet delicate project? And what vendor would be able to navigate the facilities and construction “chain of command,” which included on- staff professionals, outside consultants and engineers, architects, and multiple construction contractors?

The Solution

The answer, of course, was Windemuller. After securing the project through a competitive bidding process (one where Windemuller was selected despite not being the low bidder), a project team moved quickly to identify roles, establish a realistic timeline, and review technology and equipment needed.

All told, the project included all electrical aspects of the new 12,000 square-foot building:

  • Backup generators and IT servers
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems
  • High voltage electric service
  • Main switch gear
  • And everything needed to back up the entire corporation a secure off-site location and keep the site connected to the main office four miles away.

Windemuller professionals also made sure the components were scalable – the client had grown so rapidly over the past few years, future growth was inevitable, and the systems had to accommodate that eventuality.

Project Partners

“The foreman and crew did a fantastic job,” recalls the client’s vice president of facilities and IT services. “We had some scheduling issues early in the project, and Windemuller was able to adjust…without compromising on quality.”

The client relays one of many instances where Windemuller went the extra mile: “We were trying to get our certificate of occupancy on the last day of the project, but the electrical inspector found an issue with some of our security camera wiring…rather than have the security contractor [from out of town] try to come up and fix the wiring, [Windemuller] stepped in and worked with the inspector to come up with a fix that let us get the final certificate. If it weren’t for these efforts, I don’t think we would have made it.

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