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Windemuller was approached by Thornapple Credit Union with the unique challenge to create a mobile ATM trailer that included supply battery power, security lighting and security cameras. Multiple teams were required to deliver a design to meet the client’s needs and budget. With a quick turnaround, we worked against the clock to deliver a new-to-the-world project.

Thornapple Credit Union is a growing community credit union headquartered in the town of Hastings, Michigan. Windemuller has worked on multiple communications and IT projects for all three TCU branch locations, however this time we were tasked with a brand new challenge. TCU wanted to provide their members with the ability to access their money on the spot at places like football games, county fairs, and other local events that don’t typically have permanent grounded ATMs. Nothing like this had been done at any other financial institution in the state of Michigan, but TCU knew that our innovative company was the perfect partner for this challenge.

The Challenge

This unique project created several challenges for the Windemuller team, including meeting the customer’s budget. Windemuller was asked to include several security features as well as make sure the trailer could operate without being hooked up to a generator or external power source. Several immediate options were out of budget, which required our team to head back to the drawing board for creative, cost effective ideas.

The team had to work around the power requirements for the run time of the equipment. Thornapple wanted to ensure the trailer would be able to operate for long periods of time without being hooked up to an external power source, in case plugins and other options were not available. DOT rules and regulations, inadequate space within the trailer, and weight requirement, limited what inverters and batteries could be implemented.

In addition, the trailer was intended to serve as a showpiece and conversation starter for TCU, meaning the interior and exterior of the trailer needed to be aesthetically pleasing. While figuring out the functionality of the project, our team also had to consider the design aspect.

The Solution

Our electrical and outdoor utility teams analyzed the power requirements for each device, including heating and cooling systems, lighting, and security. The teams then determined how much power was being drawn for each piece of equipment during a given time period. The batteries were then sized to the weight the trailer could hold and the customer agreed on the runtime of the battery at maximum load. Windemuller was transparent with TCU to ensure expectations were met regarding battery run time and other key features.

Windemuller also provided security lighting, triggered when a person approaches the trailer, as well as facial recognition security cameras that covers every square inch of the unit. These features were extremely important to TCU and Windemuller was able to deliver on time and within their budget.

Though the team was tasked with difficult limitations, Windemuller successfully completed the project by utilizing out-of-the-box solutions. The trailer was created to have the ability to expand. Features like solar power and additional technology were initially out of the question because of the budget constraints, but TCU has the ability to add these options in the future, depending on their needs. TCU was extremely happy with the final product and put their mobile money machine to use several days after the project completion at a local event.

Amy Byers, the Thornapple Credit Union CEO, has applauded Windemuller’s IT department on numerous occasions and stated that “Windemuller understands that when we have an IT issue, it’s imperative as a financial institution to get it resolved correctly and promptly.” We are honored to have built such a strong relationship and to have become a partner in their success.

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