A Seamless Upgrade

For the past seven years, Windemuller’s ShoreTel Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system has helped streamline day-to-day communications among all seven offices. As our company has grown and work environments have changed, our phone system needed to be more flexible and offer additional tools – like rerouting calls to cell phones when employees are out of the office, simplify conference calls and presentations with an easier to use desktop interface.

The Challenge

As a leading provider of ShoreTel phone systems, we knew just where to turn to meet our changing demands – Windemuller’s own Communications team!

The phone system upgrade included a complete reinstallation of 70+ phones at seven office locations throughout the state of Michigan, two data centers and five voice appliances that are the brains of the operation. The configuration of Windemuller’s phone system is complex, but our experienced techs didn’t bat an eye. After months and months of pre-planning, the work to do the actual conversion took three days to complete and was done over the weekend to avoid any workday interruptions.

The Solution

To ensure important data is readily accessible and never lost, Windemuller implemented a Virtual Machine (VM) backup structure. This system includes a storage area network (SAN) that houses the data and is made accessible via five physical servers, which house 25 VMs.

Each VM is completely independent of each other, allowing multiple operating systems to run and divides system resources to preserve performance and speed. If one server goes down, the data is automatically migrated to an alternate server, guaranteeing reliability and security.

During the phone system upgrade, an additional virtual server and ShoreTel virtual appliances were installed to host the new Connect platform, ensuring that Windemuller’s communication will remain seamless and uninterrupted.

With the new ShoreTel Connect platform, Windemuller employees can easily collaborate with one another – whether they are in the office or working remotely – by using messaging and web sharing to transform any traditional conference call into an interactive online meeting. It also seamlessly integrates with programs such as Outlook and offers a simple user interface. Meanwhile, we have peace of mind knowing that if disaster strikes, our VM backup ensures our ability to effectively communicate and access important data will never be interrupted.

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