Charging Up Traverse City

  • Installed EV chargers in six different locations throughout Traverse City
  • Standard level 2 dual port chargers and DC fast chargers were introduced to the community
  • Installed new underground 480V 3 phase and 240V single phase services


Windemuller partnered with Traverse City Light and Power to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers throughout the City of Traverse City. Six locations were selected to house these chargers including the library, chamber of commerce, post office and Clinch Park. Each site contained two different types of chargers, standard Level 2 dual port chargers and DC fast chargers to ensure the Traverse City community’s needs were met. Including a duo of chargers meant adding a second circuit and modifying the concrete base to ensure both outlets worked properly.

Windemuller also installed new underground 480V 3-phase and 240V single-phase services, as well as distribution power for the chargers. The distribution was used to feed each charger enough power to quickly charge a customer’s car and send them on their way. With the popularity of electric vehicles rising, Windemuller continues to take on innovative projects to help build the future.

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