Cherry Capital Airport

Cherry Capital Airport (TVC) has been serving the Traverse City region since 1938, providing full-service commercial flights with major airlines such as Delta, American, and United. These airlines offer convenient non-stop flights to various destinations across the United States, including major hubs like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Atlanta.

As the airport experienced unprecedented growth, it recognized the need for a reliable IT partner to support its operations and propel them to new heights. Unfortunately, TVC faced challenges with their previous IT resources, including the retirement of a consultant and difficulties in establishing a successful partnership with the replacement. However, having previously worked on the airport’s phone system and developed a strong rapport, Windemuller quickly stepped in to assist when TVC encountered an urgent issue and could not reach their IT consultant. Windemuller’s prompt response rate and effective assistance made them an ideal choice for TVC.


Since their initial project, Windemuller’s IT team has expanded their scope of work at TVC, including crucial areas such as backups, end point protection, Wi-Fi firewalls, switching, and network management. Windemuller understands the unique needs of its IT customers and offers specialized plans to meet those requirements. For TVC, a customized plan was developed, enabling the airport to efficiently handle its day-to-day administrative tasks while leveraging Windemuller’s expertise for material sourcing, training, and solving high-level engineering problems. The Windemuller team also provides ongoing support for the airport’s equipment, ensuring a seamless transition without necessitating additional purchases.

Bob Nelesen, the Airport Engineer, expressed his satisfaction with Windemuller’s on-call IT help, highlighting the positive impact they have made. With Windemuller’s continued close collaboration with TVC, both parties anticipate a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership.

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