Bright Future for Athletics

Mission accomplished! Grandville High School is the first athletic field on the west side of the state to feature a Musco LED sports lighting system. Not only is LED lighting more energy efficient, but it also allows spill and glare control over the lighting on the field, which makes taking in a game easier on the eyes for spectators.

The Challenge

With any sports field, the challenge lies in creating an even and vibrate lighting solution. This is for the fans in the stands, and more importantly the players on the field to execute their game plans.




The Solution

The system offers greater control with options to illuminate the whole field or focus on a certain portion. At peak brightness, the field is lit at 50 foot-candles of light, which equals 538 lumens and have the ability to be dimmed if the field is being used for an event requiring softer lighting.
Windemuller is proud to have provided these innovative features for the new field – just in time for the Bulldogs to kick off their spring sports season!

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