Women in Construction

Listen to Be Heard

This free event is open to all and will acknowledge the barriers often faced by hardworking women in a historically male-dominated industry. The engaging afternoon is designed to provide tools and communication strategies to help advance the role of women in the construction industry.

Active listening can help achieve gender equity by fostering understanding, empathy, and inclusivity in communication. By listening attentively to diverse voices and experiences, individuals and organizations can challenge gender biases, create supportive environments, and work towards a more equitable society for all.

After a round of Q&A, in-person attendees will have time for follow-up discussions and networking. This event is intended for everyone interested in the construction trade: women, men, students, field crews, and industry leaders.

Moderator: Jen Schottke is the President of the West Michigan Construction Institute and an advocate of the craft professions leading her team to provide exceptional certifications and professional development programs. Jen is a strong voice for workforce development in the West Michigan commercial construction industry.

Presenter: Joe Stewart is a professional EOS implementer. With decades of experience, he has led dozens of organizations to implement powerful change. Joe’s passion for coaching and teaching is a powerful partner to his love for business and big ideas.