Vicki S.

IT Systems Specialist

“When I graduated in 2012 from Ferris State University at Northwestern Michigan College’s (NMC) University Center in Traverse City, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to start my career. I held a bachelor’s degree in information security and digital forensics and ultimately ended up taking on a role at NMC, working as part of the facilities department and also doing part-time work with their IT department. But I knew I hadn’t found the right fit yet, which is where the story leads to Windemuller.

The job at Windemuller was as a service coordinator, which wasn’t directly in the wheelhouse of what I wanted to be doing as my life’s work. Still, my supervisor at NMC encouraged me to apply for the job: he noted that, even if the position didn’t 100 percent match my dream job, the fact that Windemuller had an IT department – not to mention a reputation for nourishing the growth of its employees – could put me in a position to grow toward a role that would utilize my degree.

Within a few weeks, in September 2014, I’d been hired and had started my job at Windemuller. Ever since, I’ve been in charge of coordinating service dispatch for several of Windemuller’s teams, including automation, communications, and IT. I work with the account managers to fill the schedule, handle the logistics of determining where the technicians will be each day, and make sure everyone has what they need to do their jobs.

The role has also allowed me to round out my experience and learn a great deal. And just as my old supervisor advised me, Windmuller has supported me along my journey, giving me the support, encouragement, and family-like camaraderie I needed to pursue my dream of eventually working in information security. That dream came true in 2021: I have fully transitioned into a new role at Windemuller, where I work with customers to audit and improve their network security. I’m so glad my new chapter is here.”