Tyler R.

Communications Foreman

Windemuller changed my life. Before I came here, I wasn’t even working in the skilled trades. Instead, I was a manager at a small farm store called Family Farm & Home. One day, one of my stockers – and someone who I’d come to be very good friends with over the years – told me he was leaving his job to take a position at Windemuller. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but talking to him about a year later and getting the lowdown on the work he was doing at Windemuller – and the kind of money he was making – put a clear thought in my head: “Hey, I want to do that too!”

I ended up getting hired in at Windemuller in 2015, as an electrical apprenticeship. Before long, though, I’d caught the eye of the guys in the data crew and started getting pulled in for data and communications jobs. I fell in love with the work and officially joined the data team in 2016. They signed me up for classes and I learned everything I could about copper and fiber and communications. Most of all, though, I fell in with a crew of guys who I loved working with every day.

Those guys were ultimately what brought me back to Windemuller after I briefly left the company a few years later. I’d found a job that seemed like a big career step that I needed to take, and off I went. But the new job didn’t live up to the lofty standards that working at Windemuller had instilled in me. There wasn’t the same commitment to top-quality work, and I missed my crew and how well we’d worked together.

Fortunately for me, I’d kept in touch with the Windemuller guys and ended up inviting a whole bunch of them to my wedding. Unsurprisingly, the Windemuller table was the liveliest table in the entire place. Seeing that gave me the same epiphany I’d had years before, when I realized that my calling was in the trades: I needed to get back to Windemuller.

I’m so grateful that Windemuller rehired me, and that I was able to fall back into place with my old team, without missing a beat. I’d missed having that camaraderie that we had – that feeling that we were a family and could tackle anything together, so long as we did it as a team. Finding it again was a gift, and I continue to love every day that I get to spend learning, growing, thriving, and doing great work as part of the team at Windemuller.