Nathan H.

Service Technician

“When I came to Windemuller as a first-year apprentice in 2014, I was 18 years old and following in my father’s footsteps. My dad had worked at Windemuller for years, moving up the ladder from a service role to an account manager position. After a year or two, though, I decided to forge my own path and left Windemuller for a job at another electrical contracting company. I was enticed by a higher salary, but I quickly realized that I was missing the Windemuller culture. I missed Windemuller’s familial atmosphere, absolute commitment to safety and quality, and variety of projects. As I started my own family, I also began to feel that Windemuller’s employee benefits—from insurance to 401(k) matching—were a cut above what other companies in the industry were offering.

Before long, I came up with a plan: build up some more experience, earn my journeyman electrician license, and then return to Windemuller. Now I’m 22 years old and happy to be back with the company where I got my start, working alongside my dad, my brother, and a team of people who care. And this time, I’m sticking around for good. After watching my dad move up at the company over the years, Iknow that Windemuller has a culture of advancement and growth, and that someday I’ll move beyond my role as a service technician for bigger and better things.