John Pyke

VP of Service

“Today, I’m Windemuller’s Vice President of Electrical Services. Years ago, though, I was just like many of our other entry-level workers: a first-year apprentice learning the ropes of the field. My first chapter with Windemuller didn’t last long. After a quick stint from 1993 until 1994, I took another job to be closer to home. While I was out getting experience in the oil fields and working with other contractors, though, Windemuller was always ready to welcome me back. I rejoined the team in 2002 as a project manager, and the rest is history.

My return to Windemuller was motivated by a search for a leadership responsibilities, I got the chance to shift my focus “from projects to people,” managing electrical teams and mentoring new talent. In my eyes, the best thing about Windemuller is how it allows employees to grow from first-year apprentices into company leaders—just like I did.

That’s the culture here. We want people to be successful. We believe in promoting from within. It’s not unusual for people to have been here for 20 or 30 years starting as field techs and growing to company leaders. You see people retire from here. It’s really unique. But as we grow, there are so many opportunities for new leaders. The future leaders of this company are probably already working here.”