Joe F.

Service Technician

I was given a unique opportunity and I took a chance.

I was a brand new, green apprentice when I started at Windemuller in 2019. I had graduated from high school a year earlier, during which I had participated in a co-op program in HVAC. Although I didn’t enjoy HVAC, I knew I fit into the construction trades and decided that was the route I wanted to pursue.

I was still working in HVAC when one of my former football coaches told me about an opportunity in Windemuller’s service department. A spot had opened up for a one-on-one apprenticeship with a service technician. I decided to go for it.

What I ended up really liking was – rather than just being told what to do and doing it — I got to be part of troubleshooting an issue. It was a lot more hands-on. I learned what we were doing, why we were doing it, and what was going to happen when we were done.

Now a few years later, I’ve just passed my journeyman electrician exam and am a service technician with my own vehicle.

My work has a lot of variety. I could be working on a new commercial building one day and then going on a residential service call the next. Every day is a different challenge and its why I like my job. I also appreciate how even though Windemuller is a big company, we also have a tight-knit community within our office. There’s eight of us and we’re like a little family.

A benefit of Windemuller’s size is that there are a lot of opportunities available, and the company has expressed that to me many times. If I decide I want to work in something other than service someday, there are other departments to explore, such as outdoor utilities or communications. I love that I can try other things and expand my knowledge. And the more I can learn, the more I can do, the more indispensable I am – knowledge is power.