Jim G.


“I found my way into the skilled trades almost by accident. One day, years ago, a high school friend of mine asked if I wanted to come work with him. Without thinking too much about it, I said yes. But what began as an off-the-cuff job offer eventually led me to a career that has taken me all over the state of Michigan and given me an extremely rewarding life.

Before I came to Windemuller, I was part of the team at Hovey Electric, a small company based in Midland. I loved the work, and I loved how much the small team started to feel like family, but I was drawn to Windemuller and ultimately made the difficult decision to leave Hovey Electric behind and pursue a new opportunity. As fate would have it, Windemuller officially acquired Hovey Electric six months later, and my old team came under the umbrella of my new one. I went from leaving one family and joining another family, to having both families come together as one; I always thought that was kind of cool.

It’s one thing for a small company like Hovey Electric to have that tight-knit family feel. From my experience, it’s usually a lot harder to find that at bigger companies. What’s so impressive about Windemuller is that they have it in spades. Here, I’ve found a company that cares about me, values my abilities, and gives me ample chances to grow and learn. I know that, if there’s ever something I don’t know, there are guys who have been here for decades who are more than happy to lend a hand or give me some advice. It’s an extremely supportive environment, and one that has felt like home ever since I first took a job here six years ago.”