Homer C.

Senior IT Manager

When I came to Windemuller in 2014, I was a seasoned IT professional though I took a different path to get there. I’d graduated from college with a degree in design, and spent years designing everything from fuel systems for heavy trucks to machinery for suppliers to the Big Three auto manufacturers. Repeatedly, I’d start a job excited about the design prospects of that company, but eventually get bored by the repetitive, monotonous nature of the work.

To keep myself entertained and engaged, I taught myself how to fix the computers in our office when they broke down – which, since the design team was using them so much, happened frequently. One day, it dawned on me that I liked fixing computers more than I liked design. So, I decided to change careers, and I went out to get some certifications and start working out a new path.

Windemuller was a big milestone on that path. They hired me in 2014 to help with internal IT. At the time, the company had a network engineer and a help desk technician, and they were looking for an extra pair of hands to assist with an ever-growing list of IT needs. Over the years, Windemuller started getting more into the business of providing robust information technology services to customers – from big-picture IT consulting, to network planning and security, to virtualization. Of course, at the same time, every business – Windemuller included – was looking more and more toward technology and IT for ways to add new revenue streams, create new efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase profit margins. I got to play crucial roles on both sides, as Windemuller’s internal IT expert, and as a customer-facing IT consultant.

A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to either maintain my focus on internal IT or go 100 percent customer-facing. I chose the latter option, figuring there would be more variety, more challenges, and more exciting work on the customer-facing side. I’m glad I made that choice: I love working with customers, delving into their processes and needs, and helping them find the technical solutions they need.

I love my Windemuller team and am proud to be a part of it. From the top down, this company feels like family. Knowing that I can go to anyone in any department and ask for help – and that they will drop whatever they’re doing to lend a hand – that’s an amazing feeling. And because we have experts in so many areas – from electrical to communications to automation – I know I’ll always be able to find whatever help I need.

With all the talent in these various groups, Windemuller is truly a one-stop shop for our customers’ needs!  I am glad to be a part of the Windemuller Family!