Francisco F.

Electrical Journeyman

“It’s amazing to think that less than five years ago, I was feeling like I’d hit a wall in my career. I was working a factory job where every day felt the same. I was tired of the work and wanted to find something more fulfilling to do with my life. When a friend started telling me about careers in the electrical field—and about the idea of taking an apprenticeship with a company and learning on the job—I knew I had a new target I wanted to aim for. I quit my job, enrolled in an electrical course, applied for apprenticeship placements, and ended up at Windemuller.

My first four years at Windemuller have been everything that my previous jobs weren’t. Instead of the monotony of doing the same thing every day, I’ve had four years of schooling and on-the-job learning that have allowed me to build new skills and sharpen a few old ones. And instead of a group of workers who felt as dispassionate about their work as I used to, I’m now surrounded by a team and a family that I know will support me as I continue to learn and grow. The people here love this company and the work they do. Many of them have been working here for decades, and are more than happy to share their knowledge with the next generation.

I recently passed my journeyman exam and am ready to take the next step in my career. While I’m not sure what the coming years will look like, I’m thrilled at the possibilities that are now open to me because of the journeyman card and because of Windemuller’s ongoing support and guidance. I’m now genuinely excited about the next steps of my career, and so happy I made the decision to take the leap of faith that brought me here.