Drew S.

Senior Technical Systems Engineer

My story with Windemuller began in 2014.

I have always been interested in computers and technology. I remember building my first gaming PC with my childhood friend and his dad and having LAN parties at their house playing Battlefield 1942 and Medal of Honor.

Initially, I intended to pursue a career in law enforcement, and right out of high school, I took a job with a major area retailer in the loss prevention department working in criminal and internal investigations. I was introduced to camera systems and their usefulness in performing my job and was instantly intrigued and quickly became known as the camera expert. This ultimately led to an opportunity with another company and soon I got my start in information technology working as a systems technician. I began building new servers, implementing networks, and programming these new video management software systems at the same retailer where I previously worked.

I knew that technology was my calling. It was when I was working for a small AV company as a lead technician that I heard about Windemuller. I ended up landing a job here in 2014 as a communications technician working in the field, installing structured cabling and also backfilling with camera systems when needed. However, after a few months, Windemuller recognized my technology background and driven attitude and asked if I would be willing to work with the corporate IT department. I immediately accepted the offer and began working with my current supervisor and eventual IT mentor Homer as a technology specialist. The company then had a need for someone to learn a new complicated VOIP system it had started selling and asked if I was up for the challenge. I eagerly accepted and was sent off to earn my VOIP engineer certification.

That was a turning point for me as there was an instant need to learn the higher levels of networks and servers to support the VOIP systems that Windemuller was installing and supporting. As my technical abilities increased, the company continued to encourage and help me obtain multiple other IT-related certifications. I knew I was ready for the next step in my career and was promoted to Windemuller’s first-ever technical systems engineer position. In 2018, Windemuller decided to split IT into separate internal and customer-facing groups, and I followed Homer into the new operations IT group working as the lead engineer. In 2023, as our group continued to grow, Windemuller promoted me to the role of senior technical systems engineer. I am now my manager’s righthand man overseeing all of our open projects, designing our technical systems, and being one of the senior technical resources for our team.

I have always enjoyed being the “go-to” guy and Windemuller has helped me achieve that.  Windemuller has always had a culture of growing and developing its employees. That was apparent to me very early on, and the company has continued to show that to me over and over. I enjoy the “team first” attitude that my group managers have and learning our “humble and helpful” way of working with our customers and fellow team members.

I get to work with a huge variety of IT, but my favorite part is designing our unique and “different than the competition’s” systems. Being a part of our team’s leadership now has been instrumental to me in so many ways. Windemuller came into my life at the perfect time. I enjoy showing my dedication and being rewarded with the career I’ve been given.