Devon K.

IT Systems Specialist

I’ve always been interested in computers, starting from childhood playing video games. That turned into figuring out how to solve problems, which turned into modding games and upgrading computers. It snowballed from there. During high school in Leland, I attended the TBA Career Tech Center for its information technology program. I then went to Northwestern Michigan College to get my associate degree in information technology. When it was time to do my internship I had a connection with Windemuller through my dad, who also works for the company, so I completed my internship here in 2018.

After graduating, I was living and working in Grand Rapids when I reached out to my former boss at Windemuller for a professional reference – and received a job offer instead! It was a no-brainer to sign that job offer. I officially joined Windemuller in 2021. I work as an IT System Specialist, supporting Windemuller customers, so the outward-facing side of the company. This allows me to work with many different types of systems across many different companies and ranges from next-generation firewalls to cloud infrastructure and everything in between.

One of the things I really appreciate at Windemuller is the flexibility it offers. This comes from the different systems I work with to the many companies I service. There are also a lot of opportunities for growth and to further develop my skills through new certifications and educational options.

The company hosts an annual employee appreciation night and it’s neat to see all of the employees who have been here 15-plus years. I’ve never seen people who’ve worked somewhere that long before. I think that longevity says something about what it’s like to work for Windemuller.